Litter Reviver Plus

This easily uses the classic 3pt hitch attachment available on most tractors.  

Litter Reviver is available in 5’ and three different models and is the most affordable machine on the market for litter management and control.

This very unique equipment offers drying the litter, decaking litter and oxidizing of ammonia, bacteria, and other organic matter and then sterilizes.

This equipment does in hours what windrowing does in days. PLUS! Other features that are not available any other equipment.

This Patented equipment offers GREEN and HUMANE treatment of the litter and air quality. Thus, giving all concerns a better food product and the birds a much better environment with less stress. Reduce, if not eliminate, the need for antibiotic feed. Drastically, reduces the carbon footprint. Refreshes litter to a more pristine state.

LRP makes finer litter particles for more surface area and for more complete moisture absorption. This process offers less decomposition of the litter so ideally litter can be used longer. No Moisture No Ammonia…No Moisture No Life, i.e bacteria etc…dryer safer litter is the goal.

Healthier birds, less mortality is the goal.


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Green & Humane

Responsibe Leadership & Stewardship


Advanced Technology, Litter to Prestige State

Decrease Turnaround Time

What Was Taking 10 Days Now Takes Hours

Positive Impact to The Famer's Bottom Line

Time & Cost Effective

This new invention is designed to revolutionize the poultry industries current way of treating  litter. As some of you know, chicks are raised on wood shavings. This is designed to keep them off the dirt and to absorb moisture. Ideally, in the beginning, it is more disease free. However, as flock after flock comes and goes this litter becomes more disease laden. Moisture increases…bacteria grows…ammonia goes airborne…poultry suffer…ammonia gas burns their eyes, lungs, feet. This is a vicious cycle for the farmer trying to keep all this in control and keep raising more and more birds as supply is ever increasing. The market is now pushing the industry to go even faster. The most popular way of treating the litter is to windrow. This is to create at least two rows of litter the full length of the poultry house. Leave three or four days then turn it over and leave it three or four days depending on moisture to create heat pressure.  A crude form of pasteurization.  Then, spread it out to make ready for the next flock. Chicken is now the world’s number meat food and growing. This old antiquated way just won’t keep up with the demand.  To date there has been very little improvement in the way conditioning is being done.  That is until NOW!  The LRP Drys, Oxidizes, Decakes, and Sterilizes the litter all in one move.  Moisture is the culprit.  So, by removing it there can be NO AMMONIA, NO SMELL, NO BACTERIA, and the LRP also creates litter into very particles thus allowing more surface area and better moisture control.

The PATENTED LRP does in hours what currently takes days. The LRP equipment decakes which is breaking up compacted litter.  Then, the LRP injects hot air mixed with ozone to thoroughly dry and oxidize as much organic matter as possible killing bacteria, reducing moisture to 0-ppm and eliminates ammonia and smell. No moisture…NO LIFE! No moisture… NO AMMONIA! No moisture . . . better SMELL!

Then all this is followed up with ultraviolet light to sterilize the now treated litter’s top surface.  And, as an added plus it can destroy left over ozone, if any. All while leaving the litter in a fresher smelling and level position ready for the next flock. No spreading necessary!

This, again, is done in a matter of hours, NOT DAYS!

The new poultry houses are designed to handle up 50,000 plus birds. The industry currently tries to get a 9 pound bird in six weeks. However, the market, i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chick-fil-A, etc…and so many others say all they need is six pound bird. Costco risk setting a new marketing approach by going directly into the poultry raising business.  This presents a new situation for integrators not to mention the farmers. The industry has already started by going to a seven pound bird.   Costco will be looking at a 6 to 6 1/2 pound bird to meet their demand.  This cuts into the farmer’s income and the need for adjustments is a definite. Making ready for the next flock means going faster in preparing the poultry house must quicker. The LRP is designed to do just that.  The LRP is the science and equipment to meet today’s market needs.  RUCO, Inc. is on the cutting edge with its innovative thinking and creation of equipment to meet the industry needs.  Tomorrows technology today.

The timing for the LRP is perfect to handle this new change that must happen. RUCO, Inc. is positioned to not only create this, but other inventions using sound science to address problems in the future.